Do DHT Blocking Hair Loss Shampoos Really Work?

DHT blocking hair loss shampoos have a variety of uses. Each shampoo works differently from another due to the ingredients used in them.

So, do DHT blocking hair loss shampoos really work? Well, the answer to that could be both yes and no. Why is that? Well, you’ll just have to read all the way through to find out, won’t you?

We’ll explain how DHT blocking hair loss shampoos work and what ingredients allow them to do so. We’ll also take a closer look at what these shampoos can and cannot accomplish.

By the time you’re done reading all of this, you’ll see why DHT blocking hair loss shampoos both work and don’t work at the same time.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Medically Proven DHT Blocking Ingredients

Not all DHT blocking ingredients actually work. Generally, the natural ingredients are the ones that have been tested and confirmed to work well. However, there are one or two unnatural ingredients that have potent effects as well. There are currently three different natural ingredients that are medically proven:

· Pumpkin Seed Oil

· Saw Palmetto

· Rosemary Oil

Ketoconazole is one of the medically proven unnatural ingredients. Its purpose is to disrupt the effects of DHT directly in your hair follicles. It isn’t used as often as the natural ingredients, but sometimes it will be used together with some.

Biotin is also commonly used. Biotin doesn’t block DHT on its own. It does, however, promote hair growth. So, biotin works well alongside a DHT blocking ingredient but has little use on its own.

So long as the DHT blocking hair loss shampoo that you use has at least one of the above proven active ingredients, you can rest assured that it will work. However, we’re not done yet…

DHT Blocking Hair Loss Shampoos Only Restore Live Hair Follicles

The above actively proven DHT blocking hair loss shampoo ingredients prove that these shampoos can work. However, there’s only so much that blocking DHT can accomplish.

The effects of DHT cause your hair follicles to close up and die over time. Unfortunately, once a hair follicle is dead, it can never be revived again. You will never grow a new hair strand from that particular hair follicle.

On the other hand, many of your hair follicles are likely dormant or damaged at the moment. Blocking DHT from completely destroying them gives your hair follicles the chance to heal and begin growing hair once again.

The point is that if the damage is too far along, you may not be able to save the hair which you’ve already lost. However, DHT blocking hair loss shampoos will keep you from losing any more hair.


For those of you that have already lost a substantial amount of hair and the follicles are damaged beyond repair, you may need to look into other options to cover your head.

Through the use of biotin, you can get your existing hair to grow faster and work with a combover. Another option is to get a hair transplant if you can afford it.

When you buy DHT blocking hair loss shampoos, make sure you check the ingredients inside it. We recommend using shampoos that contain a minimum of two proven active ingredients, to make absolutely certain that it works.